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"Plenty of twang without coming off as forced country nostalgia and enough hooks and universal lyrical themes to win over pop music fans."


"A major expansion of their sound into an amalgamation of rock, folk, and astonishing variety of sounds, from the nostalgic sway of 'Rodeo Queen' to the rollicking stomp of 'Rebel' to the cinematic crackle of 'Radioman' to the subtle sensuality of 'Stranger Again.'"

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"Blue Cactus evokes a celestial soundscape of

mid-century heartbreak. Rather than attempt to fix what’s broken, this prickly pair of cosmic country artists embrace it."


"The North Carolina country duo premieres a new song
about musical and romantic partnership, and the sanctity of new experiences."


"An emotional, personal development with an almost psychedelic turn."


"One of the top bands of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro music scene that has produced a lot of great stuff this year – new music from The Connells, Watchhouse/Mandolin Orange, Southern Culture on the Skids, and more –
and even amidst all that, 'Stranger Again'
might be the album of the year so far."


"The album continues the pair’s mission to blend classic country sounds with vintage ’70s pop sensibilities and a sobering sense of honesty."


"Their most pronounced and well-defined work to date...their follow-up album Stranger Again
promises to take the group to even greater heights."


"The otherworldliness of the music, is almost in perfect contrast to their distinctly grounded and human story-telling, throughout the record they tackle topics as old as music itself; loss and longing, self-improvement and self-expression, personal, political and human struggles, and the joys of hard work paying off."


"There’s a lonesome honesty to this song that will creep right into your soul from first listen."


"An incredibly tender performance that teeters on the edge of heartbreak. 'Come Clean'
is a profound 
confession of frailty."

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